The Bride and Groom at Elvetham Hotel Hampshire wedding photography by Jonathan Lappin

The Bride and Groom


Contemporary Wedding Photography in Hampshire

Mr and Mrs Sealy’s wedding at the Elvetham Hotel in Hampshire and what a fantastic day it was, everything went perfectly. The weather was fantastic, the dress was beautiful, the flowers looked wonderful and the wedding party were all in great spirits.

Whilst shooting the Wedding the brides mother told me the story of how Michael and Theresa met, I thought it was such a good one I asked the bride if she could send me their story and hear it is for you all to enjoy.

Mike and I first met when we were both teenagers living in Barbados, I was 16 and Mike was 19. We live 5 minutes apart and our parents knew each other. We occasionally used to hang out with the same group of friends( a few of whom came to the wedding)! There was definitely an attraction  back then but we were both too young and silly to do anything about it.

We lost contact when I moved back to the UK from Barbados when I was 20. We often thought about each other but of course that was way before social network sites were around!!

Working for the airlines I had the luxury of going to Barbados once or twice a month. It was on one of these mini holidays that I bumped into Michael while out having lunch.

I saw a friend who I hadn’t seen for years and we were babbling away with excitement when Mike looked up from his table and recognised me…..  3 days later we were in love and we had mapped out our future.

1 year later Mike moved to the UK to pursue his Masters degree and take up residency.

We have been together for 11 years and have our beautiful daughter Marliah Alexi.

Mike wanted to do something special for my 40th birthday so he decided that nothing would be more special than giving me my fairytale ‘Happy ever after’ wedding on my birthday.

I hope you enjoy the images of such a wonderful day, If you want to keep up to date with my latest news on contemporary wedding photography then please follow me on my facebook or on my twitter


Mr and Mrs Sealy's wedding at the Elvetham Hotel Hampshire

Elvatham Hotel Hampshire

The gardens at the Elvetham Hotel Hamspshire wedding photography by Jonathan Lapin

Gardens at Elvetham Hotel Hampshire


Wedding photography by Jonathan Lappin

Elvetham Church

Contemporary wedding photography by Jonathan Lappin

Wedding Breakfast at Elvetham Hotel

Wedding preparations at the Elvetham Hotel

Wedding shoes


The bride at he Elvetham Hotel Hampshire wedding photography by Jonathan Lappin

The Bride

Wedding Service at the Elvetham Hotel wedding photography by Jonathan Lappin

Wedding Reception

The Gardens at Elevetham Hotel Hampshire at the Wedding of Teresa and Michael

Elvetham Gardens

Teresa and Michael just married at Elvetham Hotel

Mr and Mrs Sealy Elvetham Gardens


The Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom just married at Elvetham Hotel

Bride and Groom



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