Time Lapse video of the sunrise over Lincoln by Jonathan Lappin

Sunrise in Lincoln

Living in the countryside in lincoln I noticed you get the most beautiful sunrises in the morning, so braving the cold I went out in to the fields around my house, set up my camera and pointed it at where I thought the sun should come up.

This is my first attempt and a few valuable lessons where learnt which are as follows:-

1. Plan the shoot (always a good one)
2. Take two camera’s one to shoot the time-lapse and the other for shooting wildlife that wanders past you, I missed some great images.
3. Wrap up really warm, I was frozen the bone by the time I got back inside
4.Take thermos flask full of hot tea
5. Take headphones for the iPhone
6. Invest in an automatic timer

Anyhow have a look at my first effort I promise they will be much improved the next time

Kit used
Canon 5d mkII
L series Lens

Time Lapse Assembler

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