Event Photography of Kaliedisco at the Grosvenor London by Jonathan Lappin

Draper Fashion Awards London

Event Photographer

If you are looking for event photography that has that little bit extra to give the images of your event  punch and style then Jonathan can provide it for you.

Jonathan has brought his initial experience as a music and events photographer shooting a wide range of concerts, festivals and corporate events, bestowing him with an unparalleled ability to think creatively on his feet. This allows him to respond to any situation ensuring that precious moments are never missed.

He is well suited to capture all aspects of your events whether it be the people, interiors and food ensuring that you have a complete photographic record encompassing the spirit of any occasion.

For Event Photography in Lincoln, Kent, London and UK wide please feel free to contact me 

Call me toady on 07961427645


Event photographer at  at the Royal Opera House by Jonathan Lappin

Event Photography London

Event photography in London at the Burlesque Festival by Jonathan Lappin

London Burlesque Festival

Lada Redstar Event Photography in London by Jonathan Lappin

London Burlesque Festival

Jay on drums event photography in London by Jonathan Lappin

Jay on Drums

Event Photography London for  Private Parties by Jonathan Lappin

Party Photographer