Share my Talent House portfolio model Egle Bakaite


Please Share my Nokia Sponsored Portfolio

As part of Talenthouse’s remit to support and promote new creative talent I have luckily been selected to have my portfolio sponsored by one of there partners, in this case Nokia.

My portfolio consists of my work in  Music and Portrait photography. I have couple of examples below.

So everytime someone shares my Talenthouse Portfolio via the medium of Social Media Nokia will give me 0.15 cents. Lets go for a million shares people. (it could happen)

First off I would like to thank the team at Talenthouse and Nokia for liking my efforts enough to sponsor my portfolio.

How does it work I here you ask

Well it is all quite simple Just follow these steps

  1. Follow this link or click the picture above
  2. Click the share buttons on my portfolio

As yo can sea its pretty easy and should only take a couple of seconds…

So please share and support this photographer, I will be more than happy to like your Facebook pages and follow you on twitter in return

Thank you for your time, it is very much appreciated!

I you you would like  more information then you can reach me on +44 (0) 791427645 or reach me via the contacts page 


Have a look at the slide show


Event and Live music photography by Jonathan Lappin

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

Burlesque by Jonathan Lappin

Burlesque performers